Ringtone: Chase B - MAYDAY

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I'm going dumb in a moshpit (Bitch)
If I'm out in the crowd, I lost it (Yeah).
I can't close my eyelids (Yeah)
Why? 'Cause a young nigga off it (Uh)
I got the message like a prophet
I got the message like a (I got the message like a).
I got the message like a prophet (Uh)
Last year, made a big profit (Yeah)
Big bands, put it in my wallet (Uh)
Smoking this gas got me coughing (Yessir).
You can talk that bad, put you in a casket or a coffin (Bitch, bitch)
Yeah (yeah), it's a motherfucking stick up (Bitch)
Put your hands up or get hit up (Uh)
I grew up a bad nigga (Yeah).
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