Ringtone: Scarlxrd — VACATIXN.

Ringtone — Scarlxrd — VACATIXN. from category «Rap & Hip Hop & RNB» for your mobile. In order to download the ringtone, click on the button «Download».
Aviation on the plane, I'm about to take off,
Turning up till I can't think, I pray I never wake up
Got these tats all on my wrist I swear my life is made up.
Bout to fly back to the missus, I'ma beat that pussy up
I wanna take my time, passengers raise the blind
You know I pray for mine, anxiety left my mind
Nigga done upgrade the price, living a dangerous life
You know the game is mine, I had to change my life.
These niggas flexing (flexing)
Brands all on my body I can't mention (I can't mention)
If you want that shit then send a cheque in (send a cheque)
Send me in those garments and I text it (yeah).
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