Ringtone: Pop Smoke feat. NAV — Wolves

Ringtone — Pop Smoke feat. NAV — Wolves from category «Rap & Hip Hop & RNB» for your mobile. In order to download the ringtone, click on the button «Download».
Doin' shit you can't believe (Yeah)
Every city that I go to, you know I fuck with the Gz (With the Gz).
NYC, I fuck with the Woos, I fuck with the Sleeze
Said he want smoke, his body drop, it cost two G's.
Me and Pop Smoke, we fuckin' on bitches overseas (Yeah, yeah)
Took his soul, rest in peace, got his face painted on a tee (Let's go)
Heard that they dropped the witness, I'm just sippin' my tea (Hmm)
I ain't take a patdown, I'm inside the club with my piece (Yeah)
Yeah, I was raised in the jungle, it turned me to a beast.
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