Ringtone: DaBaby - Gucci Peacoat

  • Artist, Group, Band: DaBaby
  • Song: Gucci Peacoat
  • Genre: Rap & Hip Hop & RNB
  • Bitrate: 134 kbps
  • Duration: 0:16
  • File size: 259.01 Kb
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Lately, I been in my feelings like a ho
I ain't been really havin' hope 'cause I been missin' my bro.
I was at the polls in a Gucci Peacoat
Tryna tell all y'all bitch-ass niggas, "Come vote"
Damn, bruh, you aren't the only one who felt alone
I been feelin' lonely too, I probably say it every song.
Lookin' at my nieces, broke me down to pieces
Cryin' at the hospital, askin' "Why you leave us?"
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